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Planning for Retirement: Seminars 

2017 Retirement Seminars: 

27 July 2017 (55 years old and over) 

10 August 2017 (younger members)

The following key topics will be covered:

  • UCT Provisions for Retirement
  • Retirement: It's not just about Money
  • Tax Planning
  • Options for Health Care in Retirement
  • Wills and Estate Planning

Please contact the UCTRF office to book your spot: 021 650 2934 or uctrf-enquiries@uct.co.za

If you were unable to attend the Retirement Seminar that took place on 27 July 2017, you will find the presentations below.
However, please feel free to view the following 'icebreaker' links before you proceed to the presentations.

UBS Retirement Campaign

Spoof Retirement Video - Barack Obama

Sanlam Tax-free Experiment

Allan Gray Award-winning Advertisment

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