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Archived Notices 

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AGM 2015

View the minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the UCTRF.

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Retirement and Taxation Reforms

There is no need to panic. Find out what to expect on the first of March.

Members may be concerned about the impact of the ABIL saga on the UCTRF. There was a very small impact on the fund that is clearly explained in the document attached below. Find out how the Fund was affected below.

Click here to download ABIL Notice on how it impacted the UCTRF.

The UCTRF AGM will take place on 3 September 2014.

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Actuarial Valuation and Surplus Distribution

When a surplus in the Fund arises, the excess reserve is allocated to members retirement savings. To find out if you are getting a surplus, click on the link above to read more about the surplus distribution.


Find the full report of what the Chairman discusses at this years AGM.

Retirement Seminar Presentation 13 June 2013

So the Retirement Seminar has come and gone but that does not mean that those that could not  make it will miss out. Click on the link above to view the full presentation that took place at the  Retirement Seminar on 13 June 2013. Whether you were not able to make it or if you would like a recap.  The presentation is now available.

Book for the Retirement Seminar Planning

Make your booking now to ensure that you dont miss out on any Retirement Planning information.

Planning for Retirement Seminar 13 June 2013 programme

This is where you will find the programme for the Retirment Planning Seminar.

Legislative changes regarding Preservation Funds

Find out more about the important legislative changes that have been implimented by SARS and how they may affect you.