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Contact Us 

Please email  uctrf-enquiries@uct.ac.za for all general queries.

Yumna Gamildien (Ms)
Retirement Fund Benefits Officer
Tel: 021 650 3806
Fax: 021 650 5546
Email: yumna.gamildien@uct.ac.za

Penny Fabre (Ms)
Principal Officer 
Tel: 021 650 2159
Fax: 021 650 5546
Email: penny.fabre@uct.ac.za

William Nkutha (Mr)

Deputy Principal Officer 
Tel: 021 650 2532
Fax: 021 650 5546
Email: william.nkutha@uct.ac.za

Chumisa Qumza (Ms)
Senior Secretary
Tel: 021 650 2934
Fax: 021 650 5546
Email: chumisa.qumza@uct.ac.za

Areas of responsibility:
UCTRF & associated schemes

Susan Williams (Ms)
Organisational Health co-ordinator
Tel: 021 650 4376
Fax: 021 650 5546
Email: susan.williams@uct.ac.za 

Areas of responsibility:
Disability claims (GLA & Sanlam income continuation)

Rowina Nefdt (Ms)
Benefits & Exits Officer
Tel: 021 650 4330 
Fax: 021 650 4780 
Email: rowina.nefdt@uct.ac.za 

Areas of responsibility:
Matters relating to leaving UCT, i.e. UCTRF/AIPF withdrawal,
leave payments and UIF

Sanlam Client Contact Centre

086 138 6202


Associate Prof. P de Jager (Chair of the Board of Trustees) 
Email: phillip.dejager@uct.ac.za

Mr S Abrahams
Email: smartdryck.abrahams@uct.ac.za

Mr E Balarin 
Email: emlyn.balarin@uct.ac.za

Dr J Chigada
Email: joel.chigada@uct.ac.za

Ms J du Toit

Email: judith.dutoit@uct.ac.za 

Prof. L Feris
Email: loretta.feris@uct.ac.za

Ms L Haddow
Email: lesley.haddow@uct.ac.za 

Ms T Johnson
Email: tracy.johnson@uct.ac.za 

Ms J Legutko

Email: joanna.legutko@uct.ac.za 

Ms K Lehmann
Email: karin.lehmann@uct.ac.za 

Mr H Maritz
Email: hardy.maritz@uct.ac.za

Ms Y Quwe
Email: yolokazi.quwe@uct.ac.za

Prof. S Richardson
Email: steve.richardson@uct.ac.za 

Ms M Tainton
Email: margie.tainton@uct.ac.za

Prof L Feris 
Email: loretta.feris@uct.ac.za

Prof. J Glazewski (Alternate) 
Email: jan.glazewski@uct.ac.za 

Mr G Hurlow (Alternate)
Email: glenn.hurlow@uct.ac.za