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Death Benefits 

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What gets paid by the Fund when I die?
If you die before retirement, a benefit equal to your Accumulated Retirement Savings in the University of Cape Town Retirement Fund plus the following group life death cover benefit depending on your membership category is payable:
Members with 10 years or less pensionable service
Members on the permanent staff with 10 years or less pensionable service will automatically belong to membership Category A.

Contract Staff

Staff on T2 conditions of service who are members of the UCTRF do not have the six times annual deemed pensionable amount (DPA) cover mentioned above. They only have cover under the separate group life scheme.
Members with 10 years or more pensionable service

Members with 10 years or more pensionable service may choose to reduce their death benefit and therefore belong to the following membership categories:

Please note: Members over the proof free limit have to submit medical information prior to being accepted for full cover. 
What is the Separate Group Life Death Benefit?

In addition, there is a further one times annual deemed pensionable amount that will be paid from a separate Group Life Assurance scheme provided that the member has not already received a disability lump sum benefit from this arrangement. Members on T2 conditions have cover of three times their annual deemed pensionable amount under this scheme.

How will my death benefit be distributed?

Please refer to the Nomination of Beneficiary Form page for more information on how your death benefit will be distributed.

What if I die after retirement?

There is no death benefit after retirement.