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Life Annuity Calculator 

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  • The annuity products and rates have been provided by Sanlam.  For information on the products offered by other Insurers as well as more up to date annuity rates, kindly contact your personal financial adviser. 
  • The annuity rates are updated monthly once the table has been received from Sanlam.
  • No commission has been included.
  • Pensions are payable monthly on the 25th day of the month. 
  • The expected pensions are all for life and no guaranteed periods have been allowed for.  Should you wish to include a guaranteed period, kindly speak to your financial adviser.
  • The expected monthly pension is the initial gross amount (before tax, other deductions and increases).
  • Joint life (spouse's) pensions reduce to 75% at the death of the principal pensioner.
  • In the case of a male, Sanlam has assumed the spouse to be female and 3 years younger and vice versa.
  • PRI is the post-retirement interest rate.
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4. Marital Status
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