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Retirement Benefits 

Click here for the UCTRF explanatory document for prospective retirees.

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When can I retire?

  • At the normal retirement age
  • Early retirement
  • Late retirement

The Normal Retirement Date is the end of the calendar year in which you turn 65 years (at retirement you will get the balance in your Accumulated Retirement Savings Account).

Early Retirement

With your employer’s consent, you may retire early from age 55 onwards. You will have the same options as those who retire at the normal retirement age. At the request of your employer, you may be retired from UCT and the UCTRF at any time before the normal retirement age, due to operational requirements or ill health.

Late Retirement

With consent from UCT, you may also retire later than your normal retirement age, but you will forfeit your risk cover (death and disability).  In each of these instances, you will receive the balance in your Accumulated Retirement Savings Account

My options at retirement

Your retirement is an important milestone in your life. Most people hope to be able to maintain a reasonable lifestyle in their "golden years".

At retirement from the University of Cape Town Retirement Fund you have a few options.  As this money will have to last you for the rest of your life, it is important that you don’t take decisions at retirement lightly.  It is recommended that you speak to a FAIS-accredited financial advisor of your choice to assist you with this important step.

If you are retiring soon, the UCT Retirement Fund will inform you of the total amount of your retirement benefit or you can print your benefits from the Sanlam website...

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How do I decide on the best pension option for me?