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Rules of the UCTRF 

The UCTRF is managed according to a set of Rules, which have to comply with the requirements of the Pension Funds Act.  The Rules specify the contributions made towards the UCTRF, the benefits to be paid to members, the management structure of the UCTRF, etc. 

The UCTRF's rules were drafted by the Trustees in accordance with the Pension Funds Act and were then registered with the FSB and approved by SARS.  The FSB ensured that the Rules comply with all the requirements of the Pension Funds Act. 

Do the Rules ever change?
Certain sections in the Rules may have to be changed from time to time; often because of legislative changes. These amendments will be communicated to members as and when they occur.

Please click here to download the consolidated Rules of the UCTRF (updated in August 2017).