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Sanlam Member Site 

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Sanlam has a fully interactive member website to allow members to take ownership of their own retirement provision. 

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A member’s password expires after 6 months. Once the password expires, the member will receive an email with his/her new password.

Click here to download the Retirement Fund Web Member User Manual 

On the Sanlam Retirement Fund Web you will have the following functionality:

  • Access your own personal information
  • Change your contact details
  • Access your values online

What does Sanlam Employee Benefits do? 

Sanlam Employee Benefits is the Fund's administrator.  This essentially means it is their responsibility to ensure all the contributions are received from UCT on a monthly basis, that those contributions are invested on time, any fees are paid, and that members' fund values are then paid to those members exiting the Funds.  They have been in the industry for a number of years and are one of the leading retirement fund administrators in South Africa.  To see their contact details, please go to Contact us in the menu above. 

Problems Registering?

Should you encounter any difficulties, send your full name, surname, identity number and if possible, your username to retirementfundweb@sanlam.co.za or contact the Web Support team on 0860 727 867.