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Disability Benefits: Important issues to note 
  • The disability income and lump sum benefit are insured. The Insurer may require members that have disability cover in excess of a certain amount to provide evidence of health. If you are affected by this limit, you will be required to provide such medical evidence; else your benefit is restricted to the amount that the Insurer determines. 
  • To qualify for the disability benefit you must be actively at work on the first day of your employment. This means no disability benefit will be paid if you were appointed by UCT, but never spent time at work. 
  • If, at the time when you join the Fund, you suffer from some condition that may give rise to a disability claim in the future, you must disclose this information. The Insurer may exclude payment of a benefit if this condition results in a claim within 12 months of you joining the Fund. 
  • There are also specific policy exclusions that relate inter alia to hazardous activities and pastimes. Full details of the exclusions that apply are available from the Principal Officer. 
  • The separate lump sum death and disability scheme also has an option whereby you can elect additional death and disability cover on a voluntary basis. These voluntary benefits are not covered in this guide. 
  • The disability benefits referred above only apply to staff on permanent conditions of service. 
  • Staff on T2 conditions of service who are members of the UCTRF have cover of three times your annual deemed pensionable amount as a lump sum payment in the event the Insurer considers that you are totally and permanently unable to perform your job, or any similar job that you could do by virtue of your experience, training, education and age, with any Employer.