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More on switching 
When do I switch?            (Back to Investment Channels Available)

You can switch between these portfolios, or switch from the Life Stage Model to the Standard Model on 31 March and 30 September of every year. Switching forms will be sent to you from the UCTRF before these dates.

Switches  made on 31 March are free of charge. Switches made on 30 September are charged at the Trustee-approved amount per switch, which will be deducted from your Accumulated Retirement Savings at the time that you make the switch.

How do I switch?
Besides switching from one portfolio or a combination of portfolios to another choice, you can also decide to invest your Accumulated Retirement Savings in the Income Fund, and split your Future Contributions equally between the Smoothed Bonus Fund and the Balanced Fund.
What happens when I do not exercise a choice?
If you don't exercise a choice when joining the Fund your retirement saving contributions (past and future) will be invested in the Income Fund until 1 April immediately following your entry into the Fund.
With effect from 1 April immediately following your entry, and on 1 April in subsequent years you will have the choice to change your strategy. If again you do not send in an option form your money will be invested according to the Life Stage Model Strategy (past and future contributions).
Assessing your risk appetite
A key factor to consider when making your investment choice is your risk profile.
You need to understand that if you have a low appetite for risk you will probably need to contribute more for your retirement savings else you may end-up with inadequate retirement benefits. For example, if your money earns 1% per year less because you have a low "appetite" for risk, your retirement benefit (taken over your working lifetime) can be some 20% lower.