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Housing Loans 

UCTRF Pension-backed housing loan agreement:

The agreement is a Pension-backed Housing Loan Scheme and may be used for the purposes of Housing only. The agreement is only applicable to members on permanent conditions of employment.

The UCTRF may provide a guarantee in respect of a loan granted for these purposes, but for not less than R15 000 and not more than 70% of the members withdrawal benefit less tax (Please refer to your latest benefit statement for this information).

This does not guarantee that the loan will be approved by the Bank. All Smart Housing Plan Loans will be scored in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA) & FNB’s Credit Policy.

All applications must be done via the UCTRF Office for pre-approval and not at the Bank!!

Application Process

1. You inform the UCTRF office of your interest in applying for a loan (see Contact us)

2. Complete the application forms: UCT pre-application form and the summary of income and expenses sheet

3. Request a meeting for pre-approval with the UCTRF office and bring your completed forms and supporting documentation to the meeting

4. If approved by the UCTRF, you arrange with the FNB loan-writer to meet and to complete the FNB loan application form, pledge of benefits form, authority to deduct form and loan-writer will request all other supporting documentation required by FNB

5. You take the forms home to be signed by spouse if spouses consent is required (married COP)

6. The loan writer returns forms to HR to verify that your details are correct as per the Employer's records and HR signs off the application on behalf of the employer

7. FNB collects forms for assessment from HR

8. FNB requests the UCTRF to sign-off on application only if the loan is approved in principle by the Bank

9. If approved, an agreement is issued by FNB and accepted by you

10. FNB notifies payroll office and the UCTRF office of the loan details and of the instalment amount as soon as FNB processes the payment.

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